Optical Design

Comprehensive optical design

Considerations of optical design needs, you need a lens to fit in your product/system but you have a space or temperature issue, we can help you.

Other considerations are there are thousands of different glass types out there on the market how do you know which one will do the job you need it to do, we can help you.

Environment – temperature / index type

Lens Design

What size should your lens be, what are the constraints? A lot would come down to what you want the lens to achieve to determine, Diameter, Edge Thickness, Glass Index. Send your requirements over to us via email and we will help you.


RDT can help you with large or small batches, we feel lucky we can provide this service as many competitors struggle with low volume but are set up to provide this service, please get in touch and speak to us regarding your requirements.


Its your design so it’s only right you own the IP - all drawings are provided on all Optical Designs. We use Zeemax which is widely used.

Optical Design

Optical Manufacture

Optical Components